2021-2022 – A registration fee of $125.00 per child in grades 4K through 8 is required annually during the month of April. Registration is not valid until the fee has been paid. Registration after April 30 will be $150.00. Please note this is not deducted from tuition and non-refundable unless your child is denied enrollment due to space limitations.

Children whose parents or legal guardians are members in good standing of either St. Peter’s or Immanuel Church pay a member tuition fee. Member tuition is $1500 for the first child, $1400 for the second, and $1300 for the third and any additional children.

All other children whose parents are affiliated with another church or do not have a church are required to pay the non-member tuition fee. The fee is $2000 for the first child and $1900 for the second or any additional children.

Payment of tuition is due on the August enrollment date. You have two payment options:

  1. Cash or check in full at enrollment.
  2. The invoice may be paid in 10 equal installments. The first cash or check payment is due at enrollment (Registration Day). You must enroll in automatic bank withdrawal, starting in September and ending in May to deduct the other nine payments from your checking or savings account.

Lebanon Lutheran School offers free tuition to families new to Lebanon Lutheran School with kindergarten through eighth grade children. This applies to all students regardless of whether they would qualify for member or community rate. Parents are still responsible for registration fees.

Tuition assistance is available by contacting the respective pastor of St. Peter’s or Immanuel, or in the case of community members, by contacting the chairperson of the Joint School Board. We encourage families to use tuition assistance if a financial hardship occurs.